Vacuflush Duck Bill Valve 1 1/2" 385347802

Vacuflush Duck Bill Valve 1 1/2" 385347802

Manufacturer: Sealand
SKU: 385347802
MPN: 385347802
Price: $10.97
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Size: 1 1/2"
Color: black

The Duck Bill Valves are the parts that allow the vacuflush system to create and hold vacuum. There are 4 duck bill valves in each suction pump and two in each transfer pump. They are located in the nipples where the hoses attach. Standard maintenance on your vacuflush system is to replace every 5 years. Keep a spare set on the boat for emergencies. These duck bill valves fit ALL pre-2006 Vacuflush pumps and are sold separately. You should order 4 for a suction pump or 2 for a transfere pump. The symptom will be that the suction pumps turns on and off frequently for no apparent reason. When troubleshooting this is the first part to replace.  Each sold separately.

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