Racor Turbine Series Fuel Primer Pump Kit (12volt)

Racor Turbine Series Fuel Primer Pump Kit (12volt)

Manufacturer: Racor
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Racor Turbine Series Fuel Primer Pump Kit.
The RKP1912 (12 volt) Fuel Primer Pump Kit can be retrofitted to the Racor 1000 or 900 series fuel filters already in service.

The Primer Pump Kit is designed to offer improved ease of maintenance for the user. The Primer Pump Kit is a pre-assembled system which includes all the components  for easy installation. 
The Fuel Primer Pump Kit  consists of a pre-screen filter, a flow bypass circuit and a roller cell pump powered by a 12VDC brushed motor. 
When the switch is activated the fuel is drawn into the pre-screen and then pumped through the housing refilling the unit with fuel. When not in use the primer pump system is bypassed and the Racor fuel filter/water separator functions normally. 
The Primer Pump Kit works on Racor duplex and triplex systems also.


  • Easy installation.
  • Pump adds only 3.3” to the over all assembly.
  • 60 gallons per hour flow rate while in priming mode.
  • 12 VDC brushed electric motor.
  • 100 micron pre-screen.
  • One size fits several models.
  • Kit includes wiring harness and controller switch.
  • Allows for electric re-priming of filter and fuel system.
  • Not for use as continuous duty.

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