Anode Mercruiser Magnesium Skeg

Anode Mercruiser Magnesium Skeg

Manufacturer: Canadian Metals
SKU: CM76214M
MPN: CM76214M
Price: $8.97
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Magnesium Anode (Mercury/Mercruiser)Skeg Under Anticavitation Plate · Use magnesium anodes in fresh water applications · Use zinc anodes in salt-water applications . Replaces Mercruiser numbers 76214, T3, Q5 . Fits outboards 200, 225, 250hp, v-155, v-200 .Fits outdives ALL Bravo, AlphaOne Gen.II(1991 & up) These should be replaced every other year or whenever they get very corroded. There purpose is to be sacrificial. Stray electric current in the water will distroy these instead of your outdrive or prop.

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